ACVNP, an association for the co-owners of Villages Nature Paris.

Most of us are individuals. We have chosen to invest our savings in rental property, sometimes by setting up SCIs or SARLs, or directly by buying one or more cottages or apartments on the Villages Nature Paris estate.

The objective is to maintain a win/win partnership between the co-owners and the manager. If the latter honours its commitments and maintains this type of partnership, we will not fail to praise it.

As a landlord, you must take an interest in the management of your property and be vigilant about your lease.

At the end of this one, you will have either to sign a new lease for a period to be defined, or to continue the current lease this one, except denunciation by one of the parts, being renewable by tacit renewal.

At the time of this renewal, it is advisable in particular to be vigilant on the work of restoration requested as well as on the new proposal of the rents.

Perhaps only a mass position can temper the negotiations. For this to happen, we must have a majority of people aware of the situation in order to act and not be faced with a fait accompli when the time comes. It is therefore important that we get together.

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